What is Eco Glitter? 

The glitter we use is made from a cellulose film that comes from the sustainable eucalyptus plant. This means that once its in its natural environment microbes in the ground absorb it meaning no harm done to beautiful Mother Earth . Wahooo!



Does Eco Glitter Fun glitter satisfy European Toy standards?

 Yes, it meets European standards for flammability and migration of elements.

Is Eco Glitter cruelty free and vegan?

All the products we stock are currently cruelty-free and vegan. No animal testing was involved in the development or production of the glitter. 

What about allergies? 

Bioglitter® is free of the 14 common food allergens. None of our raw materials knowingly contain any common allergens and our manufacturing equipment is not used to produce any other products that contain allergens

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Can I eat it?

Although non-toxic and non-harmful, Bioglitter® is NOT a foodstuff and therefore not intended for consumption.

How long will it last?

Bioglitter® is very stable and will not biodegrade on the shelf. Biodegradation will only be initiated in compost, soil, waste-water, fresh water or marine environments where microorganisms are present.

More information

For further information about the product please see the manufacturers website www.discoverbioglitter.com